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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Handicapslock - avoid the dreaded SHOUTING!

You ever been typing away in your IM for ages only to realise that you hit the CAPS LOCK key ages ago by accident and have just shouted at that person you were trying to impress? Or perhaps you've had a similar CAPS LOCK accident?

Well, fret no more. Lifehacker Book Contest Winner Jeadly got sick of hitting the Caps Lock key without meaning to, and uses a custom utility to stop the madness without disabling it completely.

"I've written an AutoHotkey script that handicaps the Caps Lock key. I suppose I should call it "Handicapslock." With my script running, the Caps Lock key doesn't lock "on" unless you double tap it, so its behavior is more like the Shift key."
check it out ....

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