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Friday, April 18, 2008

Leeds United decision delayed yet again.

Leeds United A.F.C.Image by _moonpie via Flickr

It now looks like the arbitration into the return of the "illegal" deduction of 15 points at the start of the season will now run into Monday. There are also rumours that the decision might not be made public until May. This is untenable. The decision should not be delayed a minute longer than absolutely necessary.

And, on top of all this intrigue, the "drama queen" managers of the other League One teams (the same managers who voted nearly unanimously to punish Leeds with this illegal deduction in the first place) are crying that they will file protests if Leeds are given back their points so late in the season. Their contention is that they would have played harder if they had known that Leeds would not be handicapped with the removal of 15 points. It won't be long now till they are given their rightful place as second in the League - and the sparks will fly then. Guess the other teams just thought they could cruise through the season with a handicapped Leeds United stuck in the relegation zone. How shocked they must be to see Leeds in a playoff position in spite of their spiteful voting. And I hope they fume when justice is done and Leeds get automatic promotion.

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