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Monday, May 02, 2011

Vespas in Arezzo

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I went back to Arezzo (in Tuscany) this weekend. I lived there for a couple of years during the 90’s. It was good to see my old apartment (Casa dello Capitano) in the “centro storico” and to wander the streets I knew so well. While there I picked up a CD by an old friend who lives in the area. He formed a band called Casa Del Vento.   It's a bit unusual to find, in the middle of Tuscany, a group of Italians who play using traditional Irish instruments.


Being the first weekend of the month, it was also time for the Feria Antiquaria. As usual, the streets were thronged with bargain hunters and there were lots of very interesting articles on sale. There was also a disturbing amount of Nazi paraphernalia mixed in with the genuine antiques on sale.

However, there was a bright light of culture which obscured the bad taste left in my mouth – and that was an exhibition by the Vespa Club of Arezzo. image


They had a couple dozen models of classic Vespas on display dating back over 60 years. I would have loved to stay on till Sunday to join them for their “rideout”. Had a little chat with the organisers and explained that I used to live in Arezzo and that I would have loved it if I had my own Vespa there to take on the rideout but, as my PX 200 is only 11 years old, I think it might have felt a little out of place.



imageimage                                                                                 image

Unfortunately, the battery in my camera was dying but I managed to get a couple of pics before it gave up the ghost.

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