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Slowly but surely I am creating my web presence. I imagine it will take a lot of discipline to keep any blog up to date. And it probably takes a big ego to think that you have a something interesting to say every day. Well, let's hope I can find enough to keep talking - although talking to oneself is talent worth developing.
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Friday, November 09, 2007

Lost post

Lost the post here ... it was a video of a man levitating ... just a little light entertainment.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

How to be a proper Twit

How to make the most of this powerful tool.
twitter guide
  • Part #1 - What is Twitter?
    • Why You Should Start Using Twitter Right Now
    • What is Twitter?
    • What’s the Point?
    • Twitter is a Broadcasting Service
    • Twitter is a Mobile Communication Tool
  • Part #2 - Socialising With Twitter
    • Is This Business or Personal?
    • How Can Twitter Help My Business?
    • How to Get Twitter Followers
    • Useful Twitter Accounts to Follow
    • Keeping the Noise Down
  • Part #3 - Using Twitter Properly
    • Twitter Technicalities
    • Twitetiquette
    • Using Twitter for Marketing
  • Part #4 - Twitter Tools | Platform-Specific
    • Mobile Tools
    • Windows Tools
    • Mac Tools
    • Firefox Plugins
  • Part #5 - Twitter Tools | Web Applications
    • Productivity / Useful Apps
    • Map Mashups
    • Just for Fun
  • Part #6 - Hacking Twitter
    • Pimp Out Your Twitter Profile
    • Funky Twitter Mashups
    • Twitter Groups
  • Part #7 - Multiply Your Twitter Audience
    • Publicize Your RSS Twitter Feed
    • Twitter / BloggingMashup
    • Third Party Twitter Integration
    • How Twitter Promotion Can Go Viral

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    Amazing Journey

    Must be the most anticipated rock biopic of the century. Can't wait to get my copy of "Amazing Journey" - the biopic of The Who!!
    clipped from
    Critics are Raving about 'Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who!'

    Press acclaim for the Who's official biopic has been universal, both sides of the pond.

    Reviews are still coming in but here are just some......

    Simply put, Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who rocks. The Who is one of the greatest bands of all-time, a rightful member of the original holy trinity of the British Invasion. Unlike the Beatles and the Stones, however, there was something incendiary about the Who, something dangerous. They were almost like both bands in one, a clear gang of four, bustling with creativity, and yet out on a rough-and-tumble edge. This fabulous documentary, along with its disc of six bonus films, tracks their remarkable career from humble beginnings through massive success and on into the twilight years. Rare performances and candid interviews give us a glimpse behind the curtain like never before. Highly Recommended.Peter Townshend from The Who

    "Brilliant" - David Wild, contributing editor, Rolling Stone

    Addendum: According to a source at Trinifold, The Who's management, 'Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who' performed exceptionally well on BBC4 on Friday night.
    The show was watched by 440,000 viewers, was #1 in its slot on multichannels and almost doubled slot average performance among total viewers and Adults 16+.
    Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are currently finalising their plans for the next phase of The Who's amazing journey.

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