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Friday, November 09, 2007

Lost post

Lost the post here ... it was a video of a man levitating ... just a little light entertainment.


laissezfaire said...

Dear James,

Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog about Uncle Hedley's passing...You are a Whitehead too? Wow! How are you related to Hedley? You sure look like a younger version of him!!really...

I will miss Hedley so much...have been thinking of him almost everyday since I came back to Singapore. He is a unique and loving person and I am so glad to have known him. Olive is amazing too. I am so thankful she was by his side when he died.

James said...


Uncle Hedley was my Uncle. He was my father's youngest brother. Unfortunately, since I move around a lot and am very bad at correspondence (especially since Hedley didn't seem to like computers), I didn't hear how poorly he was until I got an email last weekend from David saying that they had already had the funeral. I had been told before Christmas that Hedley was not well but he was always so strong and healthy that I didn't think it was that serious - and had put off my trip to Scotby to visit him until this spring when I was due some holidays. Unfortunately, that proved to be too procrastinatic and I missed my chance.
I am very glad that he had his loved ones with him and that he didn't suffer a painful passing. Also, I'm kind of grateful that I will always remember him as I last saw him. I hope Olive has loads of support at this very difficult time. I had only met her on a couple of occasions but they were very much in love - I'm pleased he found someone just as lovely as Lillian. My mother never found anyone after my father passed away in 1968 and it's not right for someone to grow old alone.
It has been very nice to "meet" you even if only in this manner. Perhaps, one day we will be in the same country and can meet in the flesh.

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