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Thursday, November 08, 2007

How to be a proper Twit

How to make the most of this powerful tool.
twitter guide
  • Part #1 - What is Twitter?
    • Why You Should Start Using Twitter Right Now
    • What is Twitter?
    • What’s the Point?
    • Twitter is a Broadcasting Service
    • Twitter is a Mobile Communication Tool
  • Part #2 - Socialising With Twitter
    • Is This Business or Personal?
    • How Can Twitter Help My Business?
    • How to Get Twitter Followers
    • Useful Twitter Accounts to Follow
    • Keeping the Noise Down
  • Part #3 - Using Twitter Properly
    • Twitter Technicalities
    • Twitetiquette
    • Using Twitter for Marketing
  • Part #4 - Twitter Tools | Platform-Specific
    • Mobile Tools
    • Windows Tools
    • Mac Tools
    • Firefox Plugins
  • Part #5 - Twitter Tools | Web Applications
    • Productivity / Useful Apps
    • Map Mashups
    • Just for Fun
  • Part #6 - Hacking Twitter
    • Pimp Out Your Twitter Profile
    • Funky Twitter Mashups
    • Twitter Groups
  • Part #7 - Multiply Your Twitter Audience
    • Publicize Your RSS Twitter Feed
    • Twitter / BloggingMashup
    • Third Party Twitter Integration
    • How Twitter Promotion Can Go Viral

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