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Friday, November 21, 2008

Monty Python announces its decision to launch its YouTube channel

YouTube - The Monty Python Channel on YouTube

Beat the bootleggers - support the artists.

After years of less-than-honest persons posting stolen video clips on media sharing sites, Monty Python announces its decision to launch its YouTube channel!

I am very pleased that they are fighting back by posting their own, high quality versions of their hillarious films and clips to stop the bootleggers. This is a free subscription which will, hopefully, be paid for by viewers linking to ads where they can buy official DVDs and CDs.

The Who decided to do something similar to this years ago when they started producing their own DVDs and CDs of every single show they play live. Proceeds from these recordings go directly to their chosen charities, Teenage Cancer Trust and Double-O amongst others. Finally, the bootleggers are s**t-out-of-luck! And good riddance to them, I say. I am glad to see artists take back control and shut out the criminal element.

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