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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pete's blows off some steam at journos ... very eloquent. Rock on Mr T!

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Pete's Blog

6th July, 2008
There is little point trying to respond to the obvious glee of journalists celebrating the fact that musical copyright has collapsed and that musicians must face working live to reach an audience. It would be hard to find a musician who would refute that there is magic in congregation. In my own work I have celebrated it endlessly. As for the record industry, I'm stunned at how many fools there are who don't see that it operated once just as literary publishing houses did - the pop hits were like the crime pot-boilers that paid for the poetry. Without the pop, the seriously adventurous composers would never have been recorded at all. Without a record company I would not have been able to survive awkward periods of my creative cycle, the simple ups and downs of life. I don't sack someone just because they have a baby or get sick or depressed. My record company allowed me the same license to fail to show up for work sometimes. They stood by me. iTunes simply doesn't have the heart, it is software attached to a bank, nothing more, nothing less. Brilliant, but heartless.
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